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Welcome To Preservation Health, LLC

Our Concierge Care Membership Based Medical Practice in Southampton, Bucks County, Pennsylvania hearkens back to a simpler time, when healthcare was managed by the patient and the doctor, not administered by an insurance company.  Today’s quick-fix medical model doesn’t serve you best – it involves more visits to the doctor’s office and more expense to you. To receive proper medical care, you need a true relationship with your physician – a relationship that provides you and your doctor with the time needed to focus on your overall health and well-being.


Keith Sadel, MD believes in going the “extra mile” and providing innovative, compassionate care to his patients makes a true impact on their medical outcomes. Over time, Dr. Sadel has recognized that insurance and regulatory constraints result in more paperwork and less time with patients. He created Preservation Health in Southampton, Pennsylvania to protect and preserve the doctor-patient relationship, the core of his medical philosophy.


Preservation Health’s Concierge Care practice provides that coveted level of personalized primary care services, as well as unique features that you won’t find in a conventional medical practice.


Take control of your health, and partner with Preservation Health.

Our Services

At Preservation Health, our medical practice is designed for individuals who value a more personalized, continuous relationship with their physician.

Direct Concierge Care

Provides that coveted level of personalized primary care services, as well as unique features you won’t find in a conventional practice.

Travel Medicine

Give yourself the gift of healthy travel with Preservation Health Travel Medicine in Southampton, Pennsylvania.

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Medical Cannabis Program

As a Medical Marijuana Certified Physician, Dr. Sadel can issue certification to eligible Pennsylvanians to use medical marijuana.


Lma Mineral Float
A Wellness Clinic

Rooted in ancient remedies with a Middle Eastern flair. Experience curative remedies in the fashion of the ages and sages.

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you don't need to come to us
to then get the lab slip
to then schedule an appointment at the lab
to then go to the lab
to then wait for the lab result
to then call our office

one step...come to us
we do the labs right then and there
we call you when labs are back with the results!

We strive to make things easy.


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Why choose us at Preservation Health ❤️

📌We are Physicians and Health Coaches
📌We hold your hand – We listen to you – We have a caring team
📌We will get you through the system
📌We will be honest with how hard the system can be
📌We will advise you to buy over the counter vs. prescription medications
📌We are trying to preserve all that is good and wonderful in medical care
📌Concierge = Convenient Care when needed.
📌Personalized medical care; we know the whole person
📌We help you navigate the hospital and the multitude of specialists
📌Concierge is different – it is a distinction that it is responsive
📌We build a comprehensive medical history


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The intravenous route is the fastest way to deliver medications and fluid replacement throughout the body as they are introduced directly into the circulatory system and thus quickly distributed.

At PH we administer these to patients as needed. Approximate cost for a dextrose bag is $40. If you end up in the ER, the entire visit can range from $1500+.
Don’t overpay and fall into the trap of needing to go where insurance is accepted. You will OVERPAY.

Come to Dr. Sadel, get the care you need. Preventative Care.

📱 215-357-1495

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You know the old adage, "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!"

Here at Preservation Health, we are prevention. It's in our name, it's in our nature. We are all about prevention and preserving your health. That's why we have our Medical Membership program based on the pregnancy model. Every 4 months.

Come in, be seen, let Dr. Keith give you a physical and a true evaluation. We want to know you, your diet, your stressors, your concerns.

We offer nutrition recommendations, alternative practices ( like our salt tanks in our sister facility Lma ) and other modalities.

📱 215-357-1495

( photo taken from Harvard medicine )

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