Travel Medicine in Southampton, Pennsylvania.

How Travel Medicine Works

Traveling abroad or domestically, whether for work or leisure, requires you to be at your best. It’s exciting, but can be a physical and mental challenge. Give yourself the gift of healthy travel with Preservation Health Travel Medicine in Southampton, Pennsylvania.


The concept of travel preparedness is broad-reaching ~ your destination, your modes of transportation, and so many other variables play into maintaining your health and wellness while you’re away.


If you’re a member of Preservation Health, then we already know your medical history and specific needs that you might have in order to travel safely and comfortably. If you’re not currently a Preservation Health member, rest assured ~ we’ll make sure we have a thorough understanding of your medical history in order to make the best recommendations for your trip. Dr. Sadel, who directs Preservation Health Travel Medicine, is well-versed in the requirements for traveling to different global locales and he’ll ensure that you maintain your best health as you venture abroad.


With Preservation Health as your health coach, we optimize lifestyle and health management.

Preservation Health Travel Medicine Services

  • Physician-directed treatment
  • Pre and Post-Travel Consultations to ensure consistent health and well-being
  • Personalized travel recommendations based on medical history
  • All required vaccinations, including Yellow Fever, for your overseas trip
  • Required health-related paperwork
  • Schedule your Pre-Travel Consultation with Preservation Health Travel Medicine at least four weeks in advance of your trip
  • When scheduling your appointment, please provide your destination and general itinerary so we may pre-order the necessary vaccinations
  • Please bring a detailed itinerary to your Pre-Travel Consultation. This will allow us to verify and provide all required vaccinations, malaria prophylaxis and other medical advice, and ensure a comprehensive medical and informational consultation.

Dr. Sadel is a member of the International Society of Travel Medicine