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See what our patients have to say about Preservation Health and Lma Mineral Float

Why Preservation Health May Be Right For You

Preservation Health

  • “Dr. Sadel is the BEST!!! He treats my entire family, including my parents. He is extremely knowledgeable, listens to our needs, takes great care of us and ensures that we are at our optimal health. Additionally, he has a great sense of humor which puts us at ease. We trust Dr. Sadel wholeheartedly.” – Cecille
  • “I am happy to describe the wonderful care that I continue to receive from Preservation Health.  In the last several years I have incurred many problems that come with age and diseases of aging.  I frequently need to be seen relatively quickly or go to the ER for a diagnosis/care.   This has been done with Preservation Health.  I am able to be seen quickly, with knowledge that a correct diagnosis and care will be made a by great diagnostician and care or referral will quickly be made.  I consider the added investment in my health to be well worth it.” – Bruce
  • “I have to say, my whole family and I are very lucky to be under the wonderful and competent care of Dr. Keith Sadel. I feel like he has always listened to my concerns and asks the right questions to make an accurate diagnosis, then he has the ability to communicate a clear and easy to understand plan of action to get me on the road to better health. He does all this in a respectful, friendly and empathetic manner, you can tell how much he cares about you. I don’t ever want to be without him as my doctor and friend”. – Tom
  • “Wanted to share with everyone that Dr. Sadel is an excellent diagnostician. My husband has an extremely complex medical history and Dr. Sadel has always been in tune with his entire care plan. He is very compassionate and really focuses on each patient as an individual. The entire staff is very professional and they extend themselves to assist in any way they can. Thank you Dr. Sadel and staff! We appreciate all you do!” –  Mindy.

Lma Mineral Float

  • “Finally somewhere to float near my home! Don’t have to hunt for parking or go to another state. Lma offers a tank, a pod and a sauna. I did a sauna and the pod. It was my first time trying a pod and overall it was a pleasant experience. I’m about 5’10 and had no issues getting in or when floating; however, I do wish it was a little bit longer as a few times my hands bumped the back or side but once you settle in it’s a non issue. Everything is immaculately clean, the water is crystal clear and the shower area is spotless.” – B
  • “What a truly amazing experience at Lma Mineral Float. Colleen walked me through the entire process, what the benefits of floating are…. everything! She was extremely knowledgeable about floating, the benefits of the sauna, benefits of bee pollen and the dead sea mud mask. She was such a calming presence. Floating is an out-of-this world experience – and Colleen had everything to do with that. Great work, Colleen! I’ll definitely keep coming back for your genuine customer service! (And floating, of course!) The benefits of floating are worth every penny of investment, and more. Since adding floating to my routine, stress, recovery, and many more benefits have come from it that have improved my life.” – N
  • “Lma is a family-owned business and some of the friendliest and kindest people I’ve met. I highly recommend going and checking the space out for yourself. It’s quiet, clean and the floating experience is some of the best I’ve had after traveling to many cities and trying their float tanks. This is really a hidden gem and one of the best investments you can make for yourself.”
  • “I am a local chiropractor and refer patients to Lma Mineral Float on a regular basis. I find that the relaxation that occurs to the muscle system makes for smooth adjustments. When chiropractic therapy is paired with the health benefits of floating, it’s great for the patient.”
  • “Great experience, nothing like I have done before! It is very private and peaceful. They provide you with all of the necessities. After I left the float spa, all of the pain in my body went away. It’s super peaceful and relaxing to float. – Shawn”