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Proactive not Reactive Care: The Hallmark of Our Membership Program

Proactive not Reactive Care:
The Hallmark of Our Membership Program

Many times in the traditional route in medicine, an annual visit is composed of a checklist, reviewing medications and immunizations. You might get blood work, you might not. You might get an EKG along with an extensive physical or you might not. If problems are found, your annual visit becomes a sick visit too, and your one time free visit (as dictated by the insurance company) is no longer free. You might come in with lots of questions and due to a time allotment, you might leave with just as many unanswered questions .


The concierge route does a much better job with a comprehensive exam. It is longer. You have the time to establish the proper doctor-patient relationship. The exam delves into nutrition, sleep, healthy aging, mental health, cardiac health and stress. You have access to your care. Here we have the time to develop strategies to seek health improvement and to maintain other areas of wellness. We don’t schedule one preventative visit per year but rather three sessions. We like to see our patients at the outset of each year to set goals and get a complete assessment. We have a midyear check on how well goals are being implemented. Then, we close the year, assess goals and plan for healthy aging and a healthy lifestyle in the upcoming year.

With Preservation Health as your health coach, we optimize lifestyle and health management.



Why Choose Us

  • We are Physicians and Health Coaches
  • We hold your hand – We listen to you – We have a caring team
  • We will get you through the system
  • We will be honest with how hard the system can be
  • We will advise you to buy over the counter vs. prescription medications
  • We are trying to preserve all that is good and wonderful in medical care

  • Concierge = Convenient Care when needed.
  • Personalized medical care; we know the whole person
  • We help you navigate the hospital and the multitude of specialists
  • Concierge is different – it is a distinction that it is responsive
  • We build a comprehensive medical history