Concierge Care Membership Based Medical Practice


With Preservation Health as your health coach, we optimize lifestyle and health management.

What is our program?

We created a program to address patient needs.

Insurance does not allow for enough time or access to address all patient needs.

You become a billable code or encounter.

With Preservation Health, we purposely create time (3 visits a year) to have a comprehensive visit, plus multiple other benefits.

What does a comprehensive visit include?

Lifestyle medicine deals with these major wellness areas:

1. Your diet – dietary intake

2. Sleep habits – good or not?

3. 150 minutes of movement per week

4. Dealing with stress? What are you favorite activities; yoga, swimming, floating at Lma Mineral Float, sauna, etc.

5. No smoking

6. Connectivity via social life or a special activity that you do

What does membership medicine mean?

It’s a form of concierge medicine.

Being a member means that you get benefits not included in the insurance spectrum.

With Dr. Sadel normally seeing 25-30 patients a day, we cannot normally guarantee same day appointments. With special cut-out times for Preservation Health patients, we can.

Membership means a One-Stop service.

We do our best to coordinate care when needed.

We expedite medications, prescriptions, etc.

We talk to specialists if you have  a problem.

We do bloodwork in the office.

A private line for you.

Why do I need Preservation Health?

If time and access are important to you.

If true Proactive care is important to you.

If you don’t like to waste time waiting.

If you are a professional where time is money.

If you need an appointment and wait hours on the phone to get one, and then months to see the doctor.

Followed by hours in the waiting room, only to have 8 minutes with the doctor when you finally get in the exam room.

Is your “Concierge Program” different than other concierge programs?

We’ve been doing this for 10 years. Initially we started with one big visit a year and one follow up.

We realized that the pregnancy model works well with each trimester representing different stages of development.

When you become a member of Preservation Health, we schedule appointments on month 1, month 5 and month 9 for major visits.

In between those visits, we are here if you need us.

Sometimes you don’t even have to come in, since we just saw you at different baselines. We might be able to treat you over the phone (unlike the insurance route where you have one well visit per year)

If you do have to come in, we can get you in and out quicker with less hassles.

How much does it cost and do I still need insurance?

Yes, you still need insurance and copay/deductibles/co-insurance beyond the three visits still apply.

You need insurance for special tests, labs, specialists and in the event of  hospitalization.

But we think that planned proactive visits will decrease your overall medical care and the costs associated with that care.

Services and Benefits of Direct Concierge Care

  • Accessible health care, when you need it
  • Convenient scheduling with little to no wait
  • We will get you through the system
  • Same day and next day appointments
  • Extended, comprehensive appointments
  • When issues arise, 24-hour access to Preservation Health via phone, e-mail, and text
  • Private, dedicated phone line during office hours and separate cell phone number after hours
  • Expedited prescriptions, prior authorizations, and referrals
  • Rapid notification of test results
  • Personal Care Specialist to ensure coordination with specialist care
  • Discounts at  Lma Mineral Float, our sister facility